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Boise River Lamb

Osso Bucco Lamb Shanks

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Osso Bucco is a style of lamb shanks cross cut two times. A classic Italian cut, Osso Bucco translates to "bone with a hole" and refers to the bone with exposed marrow in the slices. When braised, that adds to the dimension and depth of the flavor profile, creating that classic, time-honored dish. 

Each package contains 4 slices, with an approximate weight of 1.5lbs


Welcome to Boise River Lamb! We are Brett and Liz Wilder, 2nd generation sheep producers, and the 6th generation on the family ranch based in Caldwell, Idaho along the beautiful Boise River. 


We raise farm-fresh, high-quality lamb for every occasion. Our lamb is ethically and sustainably raised, prioritizing our animal's well-being while being considerate of the impact we are having on our land. Our products are carefully selected to ensure an overall positive eating experience.