Raw Milk Box

WARNING: This product has not been pasteurized or inspected and may contain harmful bacteria. Raw milk, no matter how carefully produced, may be unsafe. By purchasing this milk you agree to the Terms of Service and assume responsibility for the state of your milk once it reaches your door.

Get your weekly, bi-weekly or monthly raw milk delivered. The Raw Milk Box starts with a half gallon or gallon of raw milk from grass-fed Jersey cows at Provider Farms. Add meat, vegetables, bread and more to your box.

Provider Farms is a raw milk dairy located in Hazelton, Idaho -- a local family operation raising Jersey cows in a non-GMO environment with open access to pesticide-free pasture. Cows are also fed kelp and non-GMO alfalfa hay.

How to Build Your Box:

1. Add the box base.

2. Add any additional add-ons.

3. Choose recurring subscription or one-time purchase.

4. Click "Add to cart"

Note: To remove individual items, scroll down to the "Your Bundle" section and use the correponding"x" buttons.