Seasonal Produce Box

A variety bundle of 7-10 seasonal items that may include a combination of mushrooms, fruit, microgreens, root vegetables, leafy greens, herbs and more. Please note that items and quantities will vary based on seasonal availability and the size and value of each product. 

In the summer, a typical produce box might include: Red tomatoes, garlic, nectarines, zucchini, baby kale greens, live herbs pot, mushrooms, and microgreens. In the winter, a box will contain slightly less variety but larger quantities of cold-weather staples such as: red or yellow potatoes, onions, oranges or lemons, leafy greens, gourmet medicinal mushrooms, microgreens, live herbs pot.

How to Build Your Box:

1. Add the box base.

2. Add any additional add-ons.

3. Choose recurring subscription or one-time purchase.

4. Click "Add to cart"

Note: To remove individual items, scroll down to the "Your Bundle" section and use the correponding"x" buttons.