Farm-Fresh Grocery Staples

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    • DAIRY

      Pure and delicious raw milk products from Provider Farms and cheese from Eden Creamery.


      Microgreens, mushrooms and various vegetables naturally raised using organic practices and harvested same-week by Sable Dog Farm, Black Fox Farm, Whistlepig Farm, GreenWave Hydroponics, and Ferg's Fabulous Fungi.

    • FRUIT

      Seasonally available fresh fruit and berries from Whistlepig Farm, Black Fox Farm, North Eagle Farm, and Kelley Orchards.

    • PORK

      Pork cuts from pasture-raised pigs at McIntyre Pastures in Caldwell. Pork is hormone-free, antibiotic-free, non-GMO, soy-free, humanely harvested, and traceable down to the animal.

    • BEEF

      Grass-fed, grass-finished beef from Bruce Ranch and Wilsey Ranch. Angus and American wagyu grazed on pesticide-free land, raised without antibiotics, growth hormones, and GMO feed.


      Humanely raised, harvested, and traceable poultry from FitzMitt Farm in Meridian and McIntyre Pastures in Caldwell, where chickens and ducks roam freely and are fed pesticide-free plants grown on the farm.

    • LAMB

      Farm-fresh, high-quality lamb for every occasion from Boise River Lamb, where lambs are ethically and sustainably raised by 6th generation Caldwell ranchers.


      From croissant to kouign-amann, browse decadent pastries made by hand with Boise-milled flour from Idaho-grown wheat.

    • BREAD

      Browse sourdough, English muffins, baguette, brioche, burger buns, dinner rolls and more choice bread options from Gaston's Bakery. Made with Boise-milled flour from Idaho-grown wheat.

    • EGGS

      Eggs from grass-fed, free-roaming hens at Rich's Chicks in Kuna, where chickens enjoy a pesticide-herbicide-free environment and unlimited access to the outdoors.


      A huge variety of live herbs from GreenWave Hydroponics as well as fresh-cut herbs and garlic from North Eagle Farm and Whistlepig Farm in the Boise foothills. Naturally-grown and pesticide-free. Umami seasoning from Ferg's Fabulous Fungi

    • COFFEE

      Locally roasted coffee from Vos Roasters and Cool Yeti. Third Wave coffee is methodically roasted and brewed in a way that best highlights the natural nuances and complexities of each coffee bean.


      Round out your diet with grains and legumes, including hulless barley from Kauffman Farm.


      Fruit and vegetable boxes, mixed meat bundles, plus meal kits with seasonal recipes for family meals. Browse brunch, simple weekday breakfast and dinner options with quick unit prices for reference.


      Give the gift of farm-fresh foods with a gift certificate for any occasion.

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