Our Mission

Accessible Farm to Table

From the fruit orchards of Emmet and the dairy cows of Meridian to Boise’s organic vegetable gardens, the Treasure Valley has an incredible agricultural legacy. This legacy should be shared with everyone who lives here. Our mission is to raise awareness of farms within miles of your neighborhood and provide an easier way to support and enjoy nearby agricultural bounty.

Local Food Ownership

Reliable access to locally grown food makes communities healthier, more secure, and more connected. By empowering more families to regularly access locally produced staple foods, we hope to create greater demand for small-scale, sustainable farming in and around the Boise-metropolitan area.

Transparent Supply Chain

All products are delivered directly from the small, independent farms where they were grown, harvested, or baked. We only offer products from the farms listed on our website. Detailed farming practices and farmer contact information are available on each farm's profile page.

Low Waste Delivery

We deliver your groceries in recyclable paper grocery bags and reusable cooler bags to cut down on unnecessary waste.


Founder's Story

I grew up near Maple Grove and Victory road in Boise, Idaho. My family raised small flocks of sheep and chickens, grew a big garden, and harvested apricots and eggs. In high school I raised a Jersey heifer for the dairy auction at the Western Idaho Fair.

Apart from my personal experience with raising animals and gardening, I'm a regular city person living in Boise. Like others here, I care about healthy food, the environment, and our community.

During the pandemic and lockdown of 2020, people around the globe faced rows of empty grocery shelves on their trips to the store. Treasure Valley residents were no different. This period of scarcity fueled a passion I already had for fresh food and the people of the Treasure Valley.

Amid all the development the valley has seen in the past few years, it's easy to forget that there are still farms scattered across the city, in backyards and in rural pockets outside of Boise. I started FarmDeliver in 2021 to help connect these farms with the neighborhoods that surround them. We officially opened for orders in May, 2022.

My hope is to make it easier for farmers and urban growers to sell their goods to the people closest to them. In doing so, I hope communities across the Treasure Valley will grow more connected and self-sufficient.

Thank you for supporting local farmers!