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Wilsey Ranch

Lavender & Rosemary Tallow Skin Balm

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We use local or homegrown plants and herbs, infusing them into our grass finished tallow for a healing balm. These herbs have been used for burns, bruises, cuts, minor infections, to prevent dermatitis or helps reduce wrinkles, antibacterial surface for the skin.

Tallow is packed with omega-3 fatty acids capable of nourishing and strengthening the skin barrier as well as conjugated linoleic acid;  the anti-inflammatory properties of which should improve the symptoms of eczema, psoriasis, or rashes.

Made from 100% grass-finished American Wagyu tallow, plants and herbs.


Wilsey Ranch is a family owned and operated ranch in Marsing, Idaho over 48-years-old and founded by fourth generation ranchers.

  • Grass-fed, grass-finished American Wagyu Beef raised on a non-GMO ranch
  • Raised on pasture and rotated regularly for well-being of animals and land
  • Never fed with GMOs, or growth hormones
  • No antibiotics
  • Not grazed where there are artificial pesticides
  • 2010 Owyhee County Conservationist of the Year, recognized for water conservation, no-till planting, and pasture rotation