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Hearty Barley Soup Packet

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Hearty Barley Soup is an Idaho Preferred Product made with Kauffman Farm hulless whole-grain barley and Idaho lentils. Each 6-oz. package contains 4 to 6 servings. Simply add water, tomato sauce, and spice packet that is included.

Hulless barley is more nutritionally intact than traditional hulled barley.

Available as single packets for as a 6-pack for a discounted price.
Ingredients: Barley, lentils, carrots, onion, chili powder, salt, spices and garlic powder

Kauffman Farm is a family-run and owned farm located in Filer, Idaho, USA. Kauffman Farm, like many small farms, diversifies what’s grown and raised to meet the needs of the current markets.
In addition to Hearty Barley Soup, Seasonal Fresh Produce, and Alfalfa, Kauffman Farm works with Ranches and Dairies to “host” cattle, works with seed developers to test different crops for production in the Southern Idaho Climate, and depending on the rotation of crops and market; grows seed crops, barley, silage corn, peas, beans, sugar beets, and wheat.