What is a CSA? (20 Weeks of Harvest Perks with Dry Creek Growers + FarmDeliver)

What is a CSA? (20 Weeks of Harvest Perks with Dry Creek Growers + FarmDeliver)

FarmDeliver and Dry Creek Growers are partnering to offer a 20-week CSA program with home delivery and the option to add meat, dairy, and more from other local farms each week.

CSAs are different from other produce box subscriptions. They are offered only by growers in your community and are paid up front to help fund the coming harvest.

Each Dry Creek Growers + FarmDeliver CSA share provides access to an extensive variety of fruits and vegetables grown right in Boise.

>> View the Dry Creek Growers + FarmDeliver CSA product page for payment options and to order a share in this season's harvest.

Meet Your Dry Creek Growers CSA Farmers

Whistlepig Farm and Black Fox Farm are located in the Boise foothills. Together, they are Dry Creek Growers.

Dry Creek Growers are committed to organic growing practices. They don't use pesticides, herbicides, or synthetic fertilizers, and emphasize growing practices such as crop covering, low tillage, and crop rotation to keep the soil healthy and alive.

What is a CSA? How Does a CSA Work?


Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a system of risk-sharing that allows small, independent farms to grow food for our community without taking on an unsustainable amount of up-front risk each year.

Your CSA dollars make farming a more financially sustainable and viable option for small, independent growers. Keeping farmers in business is crucial to making locally farmed food reliable, accessible and plentiful.

Members of the community support these local farms by purchasing shares in the upcoming harvest. The shares are paid back in the form of produce throughout the growing season. It's like subscribing to a produce box, but your dollars go directly to funding the farm for crops that year.

Perks! Dry Creek Growers + FarmDeliver CSA

Variety, Variety, Variety

Beginning in mid-to-late May and ending in early-to-mid October, our CSA provides 20 weeks of weekly or bi-weekly produce shares delivered to your home. The dividends are generous and feature a beautiful variety of expertly grown fruits and vegetables. In your CSA share delivery, you'll find exclusive varieties not available for individual purchase, such as heirloom carrots and squashes, fine herbs, and a plethora of leafy greens and berries.

Here are some examples of past CSA boxes:

Add Meat, Dairy & More to Your Delivery

Another exciting feature of the Dry Creek Growers + FarmDeliver CSA is that you can add to your delivery each week, choosing from locally produced meats, dairy, baked goods, and a whole harvest of nutritious foods grown in and around the Treasure Valley.

At any time during the CSA season, simply order additional groceries from the FarmDeliver site just like normal, and we'll add them to your CSA delivery. Since your CSA purchase includes the cost of delivery, we will send you a unique coupon code to use on additional orders. This will remove the delivery cost from those orders.

Cost & Details

>> View the Dry Creek Growers + FarmDeliver CSA product page for payment options and to order a share in this season's harvest.

We offer two membership options:

  • Full share members receive a box of produce every week for 20 weeks (May-October). 20 deliveries total.
  • Half share members receive a box of produce every other week for 20 weeks (May-October). 10 deliveries total.

All members receive the same produce box (approx. $40 value). Each produce box contains 7-12 items. A typical share includes a leafy green, a root vegetable, an herb, an onion or garlic species, and an assortment of seasonal vegetables.

Each produce box delivery costs $51. The breakdown is simple:
$40 - CSA base cost
$11 - Delivery and processing fees via FarmDeliver

Home Delivery

The listed price includes home delivery each Wednesday (or every other Wednesday for half shares) between 2-8pm, for the duration of the CSA. You must live within the FarmDeliver Service Boundaries shown on our home page to purchase a CSA share through us.

If you would like to simply pick up your CSA share each week and forego the option to add other FarmDeliver groceries to your weekly delivery, you can order through the Dry Creek Growers website.

Shop by Category

Please note that if you are receiving a bi-weekly CSA delivery, any additional groceries you order won't be delivered until your next CSA delivery date. If you would like your additional groceries delivered before then, simply omit your coupon code and we'll deliver them according to our normal schedule.

Please be sure to review our Terms & Conditions prior to placing your order.