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Wagon Wheel Farms

Ground Pork

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One pound package ground pork from non-GMO Wagon Wheel Farms in Bliss, Idaho.

At Wagon Wheel Farms we custom make our hog feed to contain essential vitamins and minerals without the corn and soy ingredients.

While commercial pork is known as “the other white meat" pork from Wagon Wheel Farms has beautiful marbling without being overly excessive in fat content.
  • Pigs born and raised without crates or concrete
  • All feed is custom-made to be non-GMO with no corn and no soy, including non-GMO hay.
  • Hogs are not vaccinated or given antibiotics
  • Handmade sausages are all MSG-free and the bacon, hams, and smoked meats are all nitrate-free.
  • The breed of hog at Wagon Wheel Farms enjoys eating hay and grass.