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Wagon Wheel Farms

Green Chili Pork Bratwurst | Nitrate-Free

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$12.54 USD
Fresh pork bratwurst with no nitrates or extra additives. Packages average one pound with 4-5 brats per package. Perfect for throwing on the grill, pan fry or even boil. Spice level is close to a medium.

While commercial pork is known as “the other white meat" pork from Wagon Wheel Farms has beautiful marbling without being overly excessive in fat content.
  • Pigs born and raised without crates or concrete
  • All feed is custom-made to be non-GMO with no corn and no soy, including non-GMO hay.
  • Hogs are not vaccinated or given antibiotics
  • Handmade sausages are all MSG-free and the bacon, hams, and smoked meats are all nitrate-free.
  • The breed of hog at Wagon Wheel Farms enjoys eating hay and grass.