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Rich’s Chicks

Eggs | Grass-Fed Free-Roaming

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Jenn and Rich Michaels raise day-old chicks into healthy, happy hens that produce superior quality eggs for the good folks of the Treasure Valley.

Available in half-dozen, full dozen and 18-count cartons.

Please return your cartons with each new delivery so that we can recycle them.
  • The chickens are free-roaming and grass-fed with unlimited access to the outdoors
  • An extensive coop and attached feeding shelter are available to the chickens at any time, but they are never locked in
  • While roaming the chickens have access to a specially planted grass mix free from pesticides, herbicides and unfriendly fertilizers
  • Supplemental chicken feed comes from The Mill in Meridian -- dedicated to providing as close to non-GMO and organic as possible -- and from Big D Ranch which uses local ingredients from vetted producers
  • The farm is poison free when it comes to pests. Pest control falls under the jurisdiction of the barn cat, and fly predators are employed during fly season