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Cow's Milk Hard Cheese

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Rotating selection of handcrafted cheese made from rich and flavorful Jersey cow milk at Evans Farmstead in Buhl, Idaho.

Cheeses include cheddar, aged gouda, smoked gouda, and more.

Evans Farmstead is a family-owned and operated, Grade A certified Jersey cow dairy in Buhl, Idaho. Trained in French cheesemaking, the Evans family produces fresh and aged cow's milk cheeses in their 50-gallon cheese vat imported from Holland, fed by a pipe that transfers milk directly from the cow to the vat for an efficient, contaminant-proof system.
  • Every cheese is handmade by the Evans and packaged on site at the farm
  • Evans Farmstead is a Grade A dairy, indicating the highest level of sanitation
  • Cows are pasture-fed spring through fall and fed supplemental Free Choice feed custom-blended by a PHD nutritionist
  • All products are free of preservatives
  • Smoked cheeses are cold smoked on site at the farm
  • Cheese is made with only natural ingredients
  • Cows are free to move about to eat, drink or rest whenever and wherever they like.
  • Growth hormones, rBGH/rBST, are NOT used
  • Milk is free of antibiotics (only sick cows are treated with antibiotics but their milk is discarded)
  • Preventative antibiotics are NOT used