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FitzMitt Farm

Chicken Legs | Pastured Free Range

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Air-chilled, pastured, free-range chickens legs. Four legs/package.  Average weight 1.3lbs/package  

  • Never given antibiotics, hormones or steroids
  • Raised on chemical free and pesticide free pastures
  • Supplemented with locally produced NON gmo feed. 
  • Humanely raised
  • Processed by USDA butcher 
  • Given lots of room to roam and be protected from the elements in chicken tractors. These are happy birds doing what chickens should do- enjoying sunshine, eating bugs and pasture. 
  • Moved daily and used in rotational grazing methods to help put nutrients back into the soil
FitzMittFarm is a local family farm. We use regenerative farming methods including rotational grazing, no till, and humane treatment of our animals to provide you sustainable clean quality products raised on a farm that uses chemical free and pesticide free practices.