Our Packing Process

Here's a little series showing you how we safely package and deliver your products. We consistently get excellent feedback on our delivery system, especially on our communication with customers!

Our system gives customers notifications:

  • The day before reminding them to set out a cooler
  • When their order is out for delivery
  • A tracking capability so they can see when we're getting close

Give Us Your Promos & Business Cards

Please note, if you bring us business cards or other promo items, we do toss those into the delivery bags for all of our new customers or anyone who hasn't tried your products yet.


Pastries get bagged separately -- always with gloves!


Eggs are taped shut as needed.


We separate meat from the other groceries (always frozen!).


Lots of fun promos go into each bag.


Bags are labeled with the customer's name and packing slip.


Ice packs keep products under 40 degrees throughout all seasons.