Driver Guide

How FarmDeliver Works

Customers order weekly grocery delivery from Treasure Valley farms through the online store. Delivery only happens once a week on Wednesdays.

Each week the farmers receive the orders, harvest the crop or prepare the product, and have it ready for us to pick up at a set time on Wednesday.

That's where drivers come in. Drivers fulfill two different roles on Wednesdays:

  • Drivers pick up the orders from the farms and take them to the distribution site where the orders are arranged for delivery.
  • Drivers then take the packages for delivery and head out to complete their selected routes.

How to Sign up for Pickup & Delivery Jobs

1) Sign up ahead of time for the days you are available to do pickups and deliveries. Select which farm pickups you want to do on which days.

Sign up form:

2) Pick your delivery zone each week on Tuesday, the day before delivery.

Delivery Day Process

1) View the farm locations, pickup times and farmer contact info on this map.

2) Arrive at your selected farm on time for pickup. Take a few minutes to load orders and head out.

For meat and dairy pickups:

  • Use a portable, refrigerated cooler
  • Charge the battery for at least 1 hour beforehand
  • When it's time to go do the pickup, plug the battery into the cooler and set the temperature to 20 degrees Fahrenheit. It's important to do this before you head out so the cooler can be cold when you get there.

3) After pickup, leave the farm and head to 2401 S Apple St #J106. Bring your orders in. They will get arranged into delivery bags and you'll receive your delivery load and suggested route.

4) Head out to do deliveries. Once your deliveries are done, send an email with your completed route and a note listing any customers who did not leave a cooler out. Take your ice packs and bags back to Apple St or take them home and bring them back when you come the following week.

5) Drivers are paid $6 per delivery and a varied flat-rate payment for farm pickups.

Farm Pickup Details

Pickup times and payments are as follows:

Pickup Route #1 for $50

  • 12:45pm at Black Fox and Whistlepig
  • 1:20pm Sable Dog Farms

Pickup Route #2 for $50

  • 12:55pm Provider Farms

Pickup Route #3 for $50

  • 12:40pm McIntyre Pastures

Pickup Route #4 for $10

  • 1:30pm Gaston's Bakery

View the farm locations and farmer contact info on this map.

Limit 1 farm pickup route per driver unless otherwise arranged.