What is A2 milk?

What is A2 milk?

Our raw milk is from Paradise Grove, an A2 dairy that raises cows who naturally produce milk with only the A2/A2 protein. Nothing has been done to the milk to make it A2 milk. It's just normal, raw, unpasteurized milk straight from cows who produce naturally better milk.

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What is A2 Milk?

A2 milk is more about what's NOT in the milk than what is in the milk. This milk has been tested and confirmed to not contain the A1 beta-casein protein, a common protein in most cow's milk. The A1 protein has been linked to gut inflammation, which causes GI distress and discomfort. This is why many independent scientific studies support consuming milk with the A2/A2 protein for a digestive advantage over other cow's milk.

About Paradise Grove A2 Dairy

Paradise Grove Dairy is family-owned and offers the highest quality in raw milk with the A2/A2 protein.

The Spencers saved their money and started a dairy in 2005 with 10 cows and 2 children. They continued to grow their herd and have had 4 more children along the way. They live by their advice from a friend who said: "go back to the basics and share what you love."

With that said, the Spencers bring you pure raw milk from the cows they love. Pure, undefiled, delicious milk with nothing added and nothing taken away. Paradise Grove cows enjoy a non-GMO ration with all the pasture they want during the warm months of the year.