Driver Sign-Up

FarmDeliver is seeking independent delivery drivers who operate in a variety of delivery zones around the Treasure Valley to help with distributing foods from local farms to customers within FarmDeliver service boundaries.

How FarmDeliver Works:

Customers order weekly grocery delivery from Treasure Valley area farms through the online store. Delivery only happens once a week on Wednesdays.

Each Monday the farmers receive the orders, harvest the crop or prepare the product, and drop it off at our packing site before 12pm on Wednesday.

Driver Job Description:

This description outlines what duties FarmDeliver will hire independently contracted delivery drivers to perform:

  • Deliver orders within the driver’s preferred delivery zones
  • Deliver orders as quickly and safely as possible
  • Deliver orders within the customer’s expected time frame (2pm-8pm)
  • Maintain safe temperature of orders during delivery
  • May be asked to provide a temperature log
  • Use app for coordinating routes and facilitating customer delivery notifications (or driver’s preferred system, given it accomplishes the same result)
  • Hourly rate comes out to about $20-$25 an hour depending on tips.
  • Drivers also receive a 10% discount on FarmDeliver orders they place during months that they work.
  • This is a contractor position. All drivers will be under the 1099 category for taxes.


  • $7 plus tips per packed and delivered order
  • $2 per packed order containing over 15 items
  • Paid weekly

As an independent contractor, the driver will be responsible for maintaining and using their own vehicle and insurance and will not be compensated for mileage. FarmDeliver will not withhold taxes on behalf of the driver.


  • Must have their own vehicle they can use for deliveries
  • Must not have had more than 1 ticket or accident in the last 3 years
  • Must have no record of DUI or driving without insurance
  • Must have auto insurance for 100k or more

Next Steps:

If this job description sounds like a good fit, please complete this simple form and we will get back to you. Thank you!