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Evans Farmstead

White Cheddar | Cow's Milk Cheese

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Hard cow's-milk cheese, mellow rich flavor that becomes more intense with age.

Evans Farmstead is a family-owned and operated, Grade A certified Jersey cow dairy in Buhl, Idaho. Trained in French cheesemaking, the Evans family produces fresh and aged cow's milk cheeses in their 50-gallon cheese vat imported from Holland, fed by a pipe that transfers milk directly from the cow to the vat for an efficient, contaminant-proof system.
  • Every cheese is handmade by the Evans and packaged on site at the farm
  • Evans Farmstead is a Grade A dairy, indicating the highest level of sanitation
  • Cows are pasture-fed spring through fall and fed supplemental Free Choice feed custom-blended by a PHD nutritionist
  • All products are free of preservatives
  • Smoked cheeses are cold smoked on site at the farm
  • Cheese is made with only natural ingredients
  • Evans Farmstead milk is full-fat, cream-on-top, gently pasteurized milk from Jersey cows
  • To preserve nutritional impact and flavor, the milk is not homogenized, emulsified or skimmed
  • Milk pasteurization at Evans Farmstead is low-temperature vat pasteurization designed to eliminate harmful bacteria while preserving nutrients and flavor
  • Jersey cow milk is extremely nutritious, offering 15-20% more protein, 15-18% more calcium, 10-12% more phosphorous, and higher levels of vitamin B12 than typical milk
  • Cows are free to move about to eat, drink or rest whenever and wherever they like.
  • Growth hormones, rBGH/rBST, are NOT used
  • Milk is free of antibiotics (only sick cows are treated with antibiotics but their milk is discarded)
  • Preventative antibiotics are NOT used