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Bruce Ranch Beef

Best Beef Grilling Bundle | Grass-Fed Angus

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$90.47 USD
Incredible deal on grass-fed Angus beef, some of the best cuts for grilling. Each T-bone steak includes the New York Strip cut as well as the Tenderloin cut.

  • 2 T-bone steaks (Each T-bone cut includes New York Strip Steak and Tenderloin)
  • Approximately 1.4 lb carne asada
  • 1.5 lbs lean ground beef
(Weight of carne asada packages varies slightly.)

  • Pasture raised and seasonally range-fed Black Angus beef
  • Rotational-rest range grazed for mountain rangeland stewardship
  • Fed winter diet of pesticide-free grass hay grown on family ranch
  • No antibiotics, growth hormones or genetically modified feed
  • Global Animal Partnership (GAP) Level 4 wellness certified. This is GAP’s highest animal wellness standard for a cow/calf ranch.
  • Awarded 2018 Conservationist Of The Year for Owyhee Conservation District