Grass-Fed, Grain-Finished Beef Might Be What You're Looking For

Grass-Fed, Grain-Finished Beef Might Be What You're Looking For

You can find both grass-finished and grain-finished beef from Bruce Ranch Beef on the FarmDeliver marketplace. Both options come from cows raised on free-range pasture and the open range.

Keep reading to learn more about grain finishing and the grass-fed, grain-finished sirloin tips, flat iron steak, and short ribs available from Bruce Ranch Beef at FarmDeliver.

The cattle ranches who sell their beef with FarmDeliver raise their cattle on pesticide-free pasture and the open range. These cattle enjoy open fields and healthy grasses throughout their lifetime.

Bovine stomachs are designed to digest primarily grass. So it's generally better for people to eat beef from cows that were grazed in a healthy environment on pasture or the open range. It's better for the cows, too. That being said, grass-fed beef produces a more iron-rich, mineral-forward, beefy taste that some people love, and some don't prefer.

That's where "finishing" becomes an important component to producing beef. "Finishing" is the thoughtful approach to feeding an animal in the final days before harvesting. A rancher might choose to "grain finish" or "grass finish" an animal -- the choice depends on the taste and texture they are going for in the final cut of meat.

Bruce Ranch Beef, a non-GMO ranch in the Owyhee Mountains of Idaho, where cows are grazed on pasture and open range, offers both grass-finished and grain-finished options. They've found that customer tastes vary so widely, it helps to have both options available.

Bruce Ranch Beef is Level 4 wellness certified by the Global Animal Partnership (GAP). This is GAP’s highest animal wellness standard for a cow/calf ranch.

>> Learn more about Bruce Ranch Beef and their standards for excellence in sustainability, ethics, and quality on their FarmDeliver seller profile.

Grass-Finished vs. Grain-Finished Beef: What's the Difference? - Andrea Niederer

In this video created by the Idaho Preferred program, Andrea Niederer from Bruce Ranch Beef explains the process of grain-finishing beef, which simply means adding grain to the cow's grass diet 90-120 days before harvest.

>> Watch the video on the Facebook page of Idaho Preferred.

3 Grain-Finished Cuts to Try: Sirloin Tips, Flat Iron Steak, & Short Ribs

If you are someone who wants to support ethical and sustainable cattle ranching where cows are grass-fed and free-roaming -- but you don't really like the taste of the grass-fed beef you've tried before, then give grass-fed, grain-finished beef a try.

You can be confident the cows at Bruce Ranch Beef were raised with the same care and attention for health throughout their life span, but finished with grain for an extra tender texture and a milder flavor.

Sirloin Tips | Grass-Fed, Grain-Finished Angus


Grass-fed, grain-finished, 21-day aged Angus sirloin, hand-trimmed and ready for the heat. Try these seared on a cast iron like steak. $20.16 per package (roughly 1.4lbs).

>> Angus Sirloin Tips | Grass-Fed Grain-Finished



Flat Iron Steak | Grass-Fed, Grain-Finished Angus


Grass-fed, grain-finished, 21-day aged flat iron steak, the second most tender cut on an Angus beef after the tenderloin. $42.51 per package  

>> Flat Iron Steak | Grass-Fed Grain-Finished



Short Ribs | Grass-Fed, Grain-Finished Angus


Grass-fed, grain-finished, 21-day aged Angus short ribs, $31.61 per package, about 3 lbs. Incredible in the pressure cooker.


>> Angus Short Ribs | Grass-Fed Grain-Finished



Brisket | Grass-Fed, Grain Finished Angus


Grass-fed, grain-finished, 21-day aged Angus brisket, available in small, medium or large size $33-54. This nurtured and thoughtfully produced cut is perfect for the smoker. 

>> Angus Brisket | Grass-Fed Grain-Finished